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.the perfect baby gift you make yourself!


Buy a fabric-covered box with lid (or make it yourself) and fill it with things that represents the day, month and year the baby is born. Tie the box with a ribbon and add a tag with the special instructions it is not to be opened till she/he reaches the age of 18. Ask the parents to keep the box up on a high shelf where the child can see it and knows that it is their very own special gift for when they are older. As the child grows up, be prepared for questions like, "How much longer do I have to wait?" or "When will I be 18?" Most kids love looking at the box and dreaming about what's in it that is their very own special gifts.

Some of the items to be included are suggested below:

  • Photo of the baby you are making the box for
    (perfect would be a photo of you holding the baby)

  • Photo of the Mom and Dad of the baby

  • Photos of the grandparents

  • Photo of the house or apartment when the baby was born

  • Photo of pets

  • Photo of the car that brought the baby home from the hospital

  • Small Coca-Cola (the shape changes over the years)

  • Newspaper with the date of the baby's birth

  • Magazine (for a boy or girl)

  • One Dollar bill

  • One penny, nickel, dime and quarter

  • Collectible card (Pokemon, Baseball, etc.)

  • Video of a current hit movie

  • Music video

  • Toy and hamburger wrapping from McDonald's

  • Outfit the baby wore home from the hospital

  • Photo of you and your family

  • Letter from you





Homemade Baby Food

Making your own baby food gives you the distinct advantage of controlling what goes into your baby's sensitive tummy. You determine how much, if any, sugar and spices your baby gets. Even when found on sale for as low as 50 cents per jar, producing your own is a much less expensive alternative to ready made. Making baby food is actually very simple with a few simple tools: a blender, food processor, baby food grinder or similar machine, a steamer or boiling pot, ice cube trays, and a few minutes of your time.


Baby Wipes Recipe
(fun thing to have
for a baby shower)




Personalized Event Tickets

Fall, Thanksgiving, Football Rotating 200 x 200 

Make a corsage for the mommy-to-be to wear at the 
baby shower or make a bouquet of flowers for the nursery.



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