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Baby Shower Games


Draw Baby on Your Head

Our family seems to play many different Shower Games. However, we ALWAYS play this one:

Give everyone a plain white paper plate. Then have each person place the plate on their head and do their best job of drawing a baby. Once they have removed from their head they are not allowed to add anything to the drawing.

Have the guests write their name on the back of the
plate and then give all plates to the "mother-to-be" to judge. Best drawing of baby is winner!

Submitted by: Heidi Bridges, Sacramento, CA

Baby Rattles from Tea Strainers

This is a favorite gift of mothers-to-be when they receive it as a gift for
their baby... it makes a lot of noise is really light-weight and doesn't hurt
the baby when he/she bonks themselves with it! This is an inexpensive, easy,
great gift!

Materials: Two plastic teas strainers -- the kind with the sieve and handle
that fits on top of a standard tea mug; cross-stitch thread and a bell.

Directions: Place tea strainers together so that the bell is contained in
between in the middle and the two handles are together. Sew together all
around the outside of the strainers (beginning and ending at the handle). Tie
of at end of handle. Ooops, if you want to cross stitch the baby's nameon the
rattle, do so before you put them together.

Submitted by: Swiss Chocolate

Soap Carving Contest

A bar of ivory soap per team
a butter knife per team
2-3 people per team
7 minutes to carve a baby out of the soap and every member of the team needs
to have a min. of 1 1/1 min. on the soap.

Imaginations run from baby in the womb- baby in the crib and just the baby
face. It really is a lot of fun.

Submitted by: Danette

A Mother's Purse

Read a list of items and ask each guest to try
and find it in her purse. Assign each item with points (the odder the item, the higher the points).
The person the most points and is the winner.

Something that rattles (besides keys and loose change)
Something that is pink
Something that is blue
A crayon
A baby picture
A picture of a group of children
At least one dollar in coins
A toy
Something that a child could write on
Something that bounces
Something that squeaks
Something that is soft
A napkin or wet wipe
A piece of candy
A non-sweet snack
A safety pin

Baby Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle with baby-related clues. for example, the color for a girl is #1 across. This takes a lot of time to prepare ahead of the shower!

Baby Expression

Create a sheet of four to six actual baby pictures (from magazines, mother-to-be photo album, family albums, etc.). Make photocopies of the sheet for each guest. The guests try to create funny captions of what they think the baby is trying to say!

Memory Tray

Place several baby items on a tray. Show the tray to the guests for only fifteen (15) seconds,
then hide the tray and have everyone write down as many of
the baby items as they can remember. The guest with the most correct items wins.
The tray is then given to the mommy-to-be since she'll need these things.
Here are some samples:

Baby pins
Pair of socks
Travel-size baby shampoo
Small baby toys
Travel-size baby oil
Cotton balls
Wash cloth
Ear syringe
Syrup of Ipecac
Small bottle/sipper

Baby Pins in Rice

Put a dozen plain safety pins of different sizes into a large bowl filled with rice. Blindfold a player and give him or her sixty (60) seconds to pull out as many pins a possible. The one who pulls out the most pins during this time limit win. This game is harder than you think!

Baby Questions

Pass out note cards and pencils to each guest, asking them to write down common baby questions such as "what do you do when a baby cries?" or "how do you get a baby to sleep through the night?" Then collect all the cards, mix them up and distribute them face down (so no one can see the questions) one to each guest. Each person write the answer to her/his initial question on the blank side of the card they received. Then when everyone has finished, take turns reading the question with the answer... great laughs!

Baby Product Logos

Cut out twenty baby product ads from several magazines. Then cut out the "brand name" only and place all the ads on construction or stiff paper so they can be passed around. Number the ads from one to twenty. The ads can be passed around from guest to guest or hung on a wall for the guests to look at. The person who names the most ads correctly wins.

Clothes Pin Grab

Two guests hold a long cord (meant to resemble a clothes line) with numerous clothes pins attached. Everyone has to try with ONE hand only to get as many clothes pins off while still holding them in their ONE hand. As soon as a clothes pin is dropped, it does not count and that the guest is out. The person with the most clothes pins wins.

Cotton Ball Transfer

This is a funny game! Pass around a jar of Vaseline and tell everyone to take as much as he/she needs. When everyone has some on their finger, tell them to cover their nose with it. The object of the game is to get as many cotton balls using the Vaseline covered nose from a bowl of cotton balls. The winner is the person that has the most cotton balls on the FLOOR, not left on their nose. (To get the balls off, the guest will have to shake their heads, blow on the balls, etc. Most cotton balls will not come off...)

Cotton Ball Scoop

Get two large bowls and fill one up with cotton balls. The guest is blind folded and tries with a heavy metal spoon or ladle to try and get as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other. It's actually very hard because all you feel is the weight of the spoon! The guest who scooped up the most cotton balls and put them in the bowl wins.

Embroidered Cloth Baby Diapers

Every baby needs spit-up cloths. If your guests are handy, provide them with needles, embroidery thread and cloth diapers. While they are sitting around talking, everyone embroiders one (or more) diapers.

Ideas to embroider:

Baby's name (if known)
(or just trim the edges)

Mommy-to-be will love these after the baby is born!

Dirty Diapers

Fold white napkins or cloths into little diaper shapes and close with small diaper pins. Hand one out to each guest when she/he arrives. At the end of the party, each guest opens up their diaper and the one with the brown "poop" spot wins a prize. (Melted Hershey's chocolate kiss makes the poop looks real.)

Stork Bingo

This game works like regular bingo but instead of using the word "bingo" across the top of the card, use the word "STORK" instead. (Also, baby words such as bassinet, crib, bottle, etc. can be substituted for Stork)

Try Not to Say "BABY"

Every guest gets a baby diaper pin and pins it to their clothes. Everyone tries not to say the word "BABY" at anytime during the party. When someone does say the word "Baby" and another guests catches the slip and confiscates the pin. The person with the most number of pins at the end of the party wins!

Estimate the Mommy-to-be's Waist

Pass around a ball of string and a pair of scissors. Each guests cuts off a piece of string in the length she guesses will fit around the Mommy-to-be's waist. Guests may NOT put the string around themselves or each other to make their guess. When everyone is finished, Mommy tries on each string. Person with the closest length of string wins!

Baby Picture Guessing

Everyone brings a baby picture of herself (or himself). All the pictures are displayed and given a number by the hostess/host. Give each guest a piece of paper and pencil and ask them to guess who each baby picture is. The one with the most correct guesses wins.

Baby Bottle Game

Fill a baby bottle with little jelly beans (or other small candy, small pins or cotton balls).
Ask everyone to guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle.

Mommy-to-be Trivia Game

Compile a list of twenty questions about the mommy-to-be. Then ask the Mommy to leave the room for ten minutes and asks the guest questions to see who knows her the best. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Here is a sample of questions:

What names does she have picked out for the baby?
Does she hope for a boy or girl?
What are the color of her names?
What are the colors she's chosen for the nursery?
What is she wearing today?
What is her favorite children's character (Pooh, Barney, etc.)
Has she had any crazy food cravings?

Sculpture Game

This is a fun game and quite amusing!
Cut up about 20 small slips of paper, and write one baby item on each. Divide the guests into two teams. A member from the first team randomly selects one slip of paper and takes it back to her team to read. Then the guest who drew the slip has three minutes to mold playdough into the shape of the item listed on her piece of paper while the second team constantly tries to guess what the item is. Once the second team has correctly guessed the item, the time is noted on their score sheet. Then it is the second teams turn. (This is like Charades but laughing is allowed!)

Name Poem with Advice

If the baby's name has already been selected, have the guests make up a poem using the letters of the name. For example, if the first letter is N, the advice could be, "Never pull on daddy's mustache". The next letter could be an E and the tip would be, "Eat all your veggies".

Baby Food Game

A great game when men are invited to the Baby Shower!

Cover the labels of several jars of baby food and number them. Give everyone a plastic teaspoon and have everyone sit in a circle. Select one of the number bottles and hand it to one guest who takes a small sample of it before passing on to the next guest. Each person writes down what they think that food was. The person with the most correct guesses wins!

Baby Words Scramble

Pick ten or so words related to babies and scramble up the letters.
Photocopy the scramble words on a sheet of paper for each guest.
Place a time limit of five (5) minutes for everyone to try to unscramble the words.
Below is a sample of twenty words to get you started (some easy, some hard).

Sitbenas Bassinet
Searance Cesarean
Raxbont Kisch Braxton Hicks
Preesbidganef Breastfeeding
Irnbhgit Moro Birthing Room
Raragice Carriage
Peidar Diaper
Kirgonc Hicar Rocking Chair
Yabb Gnisw Baby Swing
Gapar Sett Apgar Test
Licoc Colic
Rupb Burp
Raprengdtasn Grandparents
Tspi Pu Spit Up
Webnonr Newborn
Tolbet Bottle
Akeblnt Blanket
Ditmnhig Nesegfid Midnight Feeding
Declra Cradle
Goconi Cooing

Hospital Delivery Room
Props: 1 stretcher bed made up like a hospital bed
1 guest as the mother to be
1 guest as the nurse
1 guest as the doctor
Vet delivery tools
1 huge rubber doll
A tape recording of a baby crying

Directions: The delivery begins, impromptu discussion and exaggerate each tool used. The baby cries (play tape) and the delivery is over, show doll. You might want to video tape and play it back for everyone to watch and laugh.

This game went down as a treat...
Submitted by: Lauri Watson


Homemade Baby Food

Making your own baby food gives you the distinct advantage of controlling what goes into your baby's sensitive tummy. You determine how much, if any, sugar and spices your baby gets. Even when found on sale for as low as 50 cents per jar, producing your own is a much less expensive alternative to ready made. Making baby food is actually very simple with a few simple tools: a blender, food processor, baby food grinder or similar machine, a steamer or boiling pot, ice cube trays, and a few minutes of your time.


Baby Wipes Recipe
(fun thing to have
for a baby shower)




Personalized Event Tickets

Fall, Thanksgiving, Football Rotating 200 x 200 

Make a corsage for the mommy-to-be to wear at the 
baby shower or make a bouquet of flowers for the nursery.



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