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A Letter
Mary Ann and Kimberly

Thank you for visiting our website. Our Commitment to you... We will treat you with fairness, honesty, integrity and enthusiasm and we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We offer superior customer service, personalized packaging and quality products. We value you and we appreciate your confidence in us. We are a growing business... you can talk directly with either of us via e/mail or telephone! If you don't find what you are looking for, please email us and we will try and help you find it. We receive a huge amount of requests each day, so if you do not hear from us right away, be assured you are not forgotten! If your request is urgent - please indicate this in the subject line along with your party date.

Mary Ann & Kimberly

About Us...

 Mary Ann Ross and Kimberly Lainson are a dynamic mother and daughter team that became business partners in November 1997 for different reasons. Mom had taken an early retirement and was bored (one can only re-organize the fridge so many times!). Kimberly wanted to stay home with her four children. So, we did what we knew best… having fun with kids… and started an at-home business that has grown from one room in Mom's house to a converted outbuilding on her rural property in Washington and now located in a larger office/warehouse facility in the same general area. In our growth, we've added two additional web sites -- and

Birthdays & More at The PartyWorks Store! is a fun, colorful online party store with designs specializing in kid's birthday parties, bridal and baby showers,party games and craft ideas, loads of free party and cake decorating information, and two free online colorful magazines. We also offer pre-packaged discounted parties. CakeWorks Central has cake decorations to match the party themes as well as lots of cake and cookie photos with directions. HarryPotter-Birthday is the site to find supplies and free party and cake decorating ideas for the perfect Harry Potter party. Mom and Daughter continually add to the valuable information offered to all visitors which includes free kids party games, patterns for theme cakes, shower games, recipes, and more. Kids and parents alike enjoy surfing through their site.

INTRODUCING……The Board of Directors... Don't tell them that because they are really our guinea pigs and help us select the children's birthday party themes, eat desserts we have made from our cake patterns, play the games and sing the songs. They are our best critics...after all,the ones who are having the fun at all the parties know what makes the party work!

















Homemade Baby Food

Making your own baby food gives you the distinct advantage of controlling what goes into your baby's sensitive tummy. You determine how much, if any, sugar and spices your baby gets. Even when found on sale for as low as 50 cents per jar, producing your own is a much less expensive alternative to ready made. Making baby food is actually very simple with a few simple tools: a blender, food processor, baby food grinder or similar machine, a steamer or boiling pot, ice cube trays, and a few minutes of your time.


Baby Wipes Recipe
(fun thing to have
for a baby shower)




Personalized Event Tickets

Fall, Thanksgiving, Football Rotating 200 x 200 

Make a corsage for the mommy-to-be to wear at the 
baby shower or make a bouquet of flowers for the nursery.



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